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The Fusion Project

PPP had clear objectives for it’s Fusion project. Our aim was to produce a plate/sleeve that could produce the best possible print result for Flexo. The basis of these objectives were:

• Cleaner (and more consistent) print.

• Great ink lay down and density.

• Great highlights (fade to zero).

• Higher screen rulings.

• Sharper text and images.

• Fixed Palette opportunities.

• Offer our clients cost savings.

  1. Available on both flat plate and sleeve.

With Fusion, ink sits on top of the plate and is rejected by all other areas. Reduced build up on the non printing surfaces ensures a cleaner printed dot.

Higher Screen Rulings Compete with Gravure

Screen rulings between 150lpi and 250lpi are the perfect solution for switching jobs from gravure to Flexo. We can achieve this with the advanced optics. This leads to superior clarity and sharpness of text, graphical elements and images, and gives smoother tints.

Controlled Processes

One of the improved processes is the control of the main exposure using an LED array This allows us to gain full control over the polymerisation process during the main exposure. Using this technology, it converts the process from being an uncontrollable analogue process to a high precision digital process which in turn boosts plate/sleeve consistency.


High Resolution Imaging

Unsurpassed Solids

Higher LPI

(Smoother colour, More detail)

Controlled Processes

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