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What is Fixed Palette?

Fixed palette printing is the process of working with a common set of inks to produce a desired print result.

It can provide increased productivity, reduced costs and reduced waste.

No change of ink system

The colour is profiled for your standard ink set. Using the same data used to create your GMG proofs.

Ability to reduce colours as appropriate

Because you use the same CMYK ink system it is simple to

choose when to eliminate a spot colour and the associated

make ready time from the process

Press stable ink recipes

Software to calculate ‘press stable recipes’ using rules based on the printers preference.

Limit maximum colours

Force 100% above...

Drop black below...

Drop other colours below...

Expanding CMYK Gamut

By expanding the gamut of the CMYK process inks, we are able to reproduce more colours from the PANTONE library by approximately 25% to 50% (this equates to approximately 450 extra spot colours from the same CMYK inks with the added benefit of increased consistency)

Managed Colour

The PPP process includes the production of a printed swatch sheet containing the best calculated substitutions for PANTONE colours for your press and printing conditions. These approved colours are stored in our client database and a full sheet can be  reproduced designed to manage expectations.

No Change of Ink System

Press Stable Ink Recipes

Expanding the Gamut

Managed Colour