The GTT FUSION Project

More Quality
More Production
Reduced Cost
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Apex and PPP initiated the “GTT Fusion” project to increase the productivity of the flexo process to a new level. Starting this project from the basic principle that “productivity” has to be the first consideration not the last”. Creating and combining  technologies that deliver more consistent and efficient and printed product of higher quality, should be the goal for all technical innovations in our industry.

This collaboration will increase the flexo market share, creating higher profit whilst sustaining jobs. Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity and not as a threat to standard ways.

The “GTT Fusion” Project not only uses the individual technical advancements that the industry has made but uniquely combines the best innovations to achieve higher quality printed packaging more efficiently. Collectively we understand that innovation comes from the producer (in our case the printer), not from the customer.

Our printed samples have had more than 74 colours, completely separate designs. Also consider that the technology behind this enables the change from each design to be vastly reduced increasing press utilisation by up to 40% at the same time reducing the associated cost and waste.

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